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51 gym dubai

Visit 51 Gym Dubai Today

51 Gym Dubai is slap bang in the middle of Dubai in the new Al Wasl 51, and if you haven’t already been and checked it out then you need to put that right today.

Designed to be a one-stop fitness destination 51 Gym Dubai has everything you need to work up a sweat, whether you’re a complete beginner or a fitness pro. The place is kitted out with state-of-the-art fitness equipment and weightlifting stations, and it also has spaces for boxing, HIIT, dance, yoga, and pilates.

51 gym dubai

In the mood for a group workout? Then check out the amazing timetable of classes available from full body workouts to reformer classes. There’s even an immersive 4D cycling class on offer which sounds like an awesome way to tick cardio off your list.

51 Gym Dubai is light and spacious with plenty of room to move around and do your thing, but if you ever want a bit of a helping hand there’s a great team of personal trainers available to offer their advice. There’s also nutrition and physio services available which all add to the unique, premium experience you get at 51 Gym Dubai.

51 gym dubai

So what are you waiting for? Get over there today and see for yourself how amazing this place is! Visit the 51 Gym Dubai website to get started.

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