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Jesse James West Binous Gym

Jesse James West Visits Binous Gym Dubai

Popular Youtube star Jesse James West has recently visited the high-end and luxury gym – Binous Gym in Dubai

Jesse starts touring the gym with his friend Joe and soon realises that the gym is very overwhelming. Joe describes it as ‘7 gyms in one gym’, and you can see Jesse showcasing the huge variety of weights, machines, and even an MMA boxing ring.

I Bought Cheapest vs Most Expensive Gym Membership!

The Binous gym also provides an outdoor area where you can look out onto a range of supercars – what more could you want when working out? If you’re feeling peckish or running low on supplies, then Binous Gym has you covered with its supplement shops and cafes too. You can even get your haircut in their barbershop!

Jesse goes on to speculate the price of the membership, stating that he believes you’re paying for the atmosphere of the gym, and the opportunity to be around well-known body-builders. It does come with a hefty price tag, however. Coming in at $2000 a month, it’s not like your average gym membership. Jesse carries on the video, saying that if you paid for a gym membership at Binous, then you’d never have to leave. 

Jesse’s visit to Binous is just another stop on his mission to find the best and worst gyms in the world. You can check out some of Jesse’s other content on his YouTube channel.

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