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Jesse James West

Jesse James West Shows The $1 A Day Dubai Gym Membership

Looking to save money while making gains? Then check out Jesse James West’s video over on his incredibly popular YouTube channel where he visits the only gym in Dubai where you can work out for a dollar a day.

In fact, at $245 for a year’s membership at Al Mass Body Fitness it’s actually less than a dollar a day to work up a sweat.

There’s loads of equipment available at Al Mass, so whatever muscles you want to work you can do it there. And with a good selection of cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights on offer you can get a whole body workout in with no bother.

I Bought Cheapest vs Most Expensive Gym Membership!

The only downside is that it’s all crammed in quite tightly so there’s not a load of free space available to move around while you get your workout in. But the amount of people there while West was filming shows you how popular this place is, and while there might be a few cosmetic issues Jesse’s overall opinion is really positive.

In fact his exact words are, “I officially love this gym more than any other gym, everybody is so nice and so friendly, and it’s motivating. Would I come here? Absolutely!”

It’s clear to see that Jesse James West thinks this is one of the better gyms even though it’s so cheap.

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