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Oxygen fitness abu dhabi

Everything You Need To Know About Oxygen Gym Abu Dhabi

Oxygen Gym is a popular gym located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It provides state-of-the-art equipment to its members and is home to the popular Dubai Pro fitness show. 

The gym has got everything you need, ranging from a vast array of different cardio machines to a huge variety of weight machines. The gym also contains a swimming pool so that its members can enjoy classes such as AquaFit, or just use it for lengths.

Like many gyms in the UAE, Oxygen Gym in Abu Dhabi is open for most of the day (5 am – 2 am), so there is absolutely no excuse for not getting your workout in. Whether you prefer an early morning workout before work, a lunchtime workout, or even an evening workout to burn off any stress that has built up during the day, Oxygen Gym has you covered. 

Not only does Oxygen Gym offer a high-quality and friendly gym environment, but they also offer supplements to buy whilst you’re there. Products such as pre-workout and protein powders can be found in their gyms, as well as well-known brands such as Grenade and Dymatize. It provides a convenient one-stop-shop that allows you to get your workout in whilst also stocking up on your favourite supplements. 

Oxygen Gym Abu Dhabi: How to Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up for Oxygen Gym Abu Dhabi, then you can pay monthly (682.50aed), three monthly (1942.50aed), 6 monthly (3360aed), or annually (5775aed), giving you a range of options that you can choose to suit your personal preferences and financial requirements.

Check out their official website and Instagram page for more details

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