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gymshark store dubai

Everything You Need To Know About Gymshark Store Dubai

If you’ve been even remotely tuned in, you’ve probably caught wind of Gymshark’s Dubai store plans. With rumours flying, we’re here to get you up to speed on Ben Francis’ grand vision for the UAE.

Is Gymshark Opening a Store in Dubai?

It’s official – the hype is real! Gymshark is on the brink of launching its flagship store in Dubai, ready to make a splash in the Middle East fitness scene.

While others are pulling back on in-store shopping, Gymshark is gearing up for an epic 2024. Alongside the new Dubai location, the brand is expanding to Manhattan, New York City, and Westfield, London’s busiest shopping centre.

Yet, it’s Dubai that’s stealing the spotlight, with Ben Francis making no secret about his desire to tap into the city’s thriving fitness community. In fact, he recently dropped a vlog detailing his whirlwind 36-hour visit.

Why Gymshark is going to Dubai...

Where Is The Gymshark Store in Dubai?

We’re still awaiting official confirmation on Gymshark’s Dubai store location, but Ben Francis and his team have narrowed down their options to a few potential spots. 

Among them are the city’s Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, where Francis recently held promising discussions with potential partners. 

Another is the pop-up events space at the stunning Jumeirah Beach, with its killer views of Dubai’s famous skyline and yacht-peppered marina. 

Based on the locations Gymshark has been scoping out, it’s safe to assume that Gymshark’s Dubai store is going to be a thing of beauty. 

Is Gymshark Already Available In Dubai?

Up until recently, the only way Dubai’s fitness enthusiasts could get their hands on Gymshark’s famous apparel was to pick it up overseas. 

While you will find some expats repping their Gymshark merch in Dubai’s many workout spaces, the brand doesn’t have a huge presence in the Golf Tiger. 

That’s something Francis picked up on during his recent visit. After dropping in to check out the world-renowned Binous Gym and TKMMA Fit Gym, he said: “We’ve been to two gyms and I still haven’t seen any Gymshark

“It’s both good and bad in the sense that you’d like to see more here, but it shows this is a massive opportunity for Gymshark to expand into the Dubai area.”

But that’s all changing now. Gymshark just launched an online store for the UAE. To kick off its Middle East push, the brand crafted a bespoke range featuring Arabic calligraphy to complement its existing offerings.

To make Dubai’s gym community feel at home with Gymshark, the brand has gone all out this May. 

It has snagged all GymNation gyms for the month, throwing heaps of pop-up events like BLITZ, Beach Yoga, HIIT, and Gymshark Run Clubs, along with loads of freebies up for grabs.

Gymshark Store Dubai: When is the Opening?

Plans for Gymshark’s Dubai store are still in the early stages, so don’t expect an official launch date anytime soon. However, developments are happening rapidly, so stay tuned for some exciting updates!

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