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Everything You Need to Know about Larry Wheels

Everything You Need to Know about Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels, born Larry Williams, is a powerlifter, bodybuilder, and fitness model who has gained a significant following on social media due to his impressive strength and physique. 

He is known for his remarkable deadlift and squat numbers, as well as his chiseled abs and massive arms. If you’ve never heard of Larry Wheels, you’ve come to the right place because this post will show you everything you need to know. If you’ve heard of Larry Wheels and are looking to learn more about this legend of bodybuilding and powerlifting, read on!

Larry Wheels’ Background

Larry Wheels was born on December 3, 1994, in the Bronx, New York. Sources say he turned to weightlifting as a way to stay out of trouble and stay productive. He started lifting at the age of 15 and quickly became hooked on the sport.

According to Wheels, he started taking testosterone at 17, and it was a no-brainer for him. The compound took him from about 210 pounds to 240 pounds in two months, which was a massive improvement. 

Wheels’ dedication and hard work paid off, and he began to see significant gains in both his strength and his physique. He competed in his first powerlifting meet at the age of 18 and placed second in the junior division. 

This early success motivated him to keep pushing himself and strive for even greater accomplishments.

One of the things that have made Wheels so famous is his RPS powerlifting meet victory. Even though he was 247 lbs, he competed in the 275 lbs category and took home the gold.

This coupled with his impressive physique, social media presence, and overall strength has made him one of the most popular fitness personalities today.

Larry Wheels’ Size and Power

Since first trying testosterone at 17, he’s dialed in his PED stack and used it to achieve new levels of strength, size, and leanness. But PEDs alone are not responsible for his success or fame. You can thank Wheels’ work ethic for that.

In the years since his first powerlifting meet, Wheels has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of strength sports. He has competed in numerous powerlifting meets and has set numerous personal records along the way. 

Some of his most impressive lifts include a 672-pound squat, a 930-pound deadlift, and a 661-pound bench press. It’s important to note that Wheels keeps setting new PRs on his Instagram page, surpassing what was recorded in competitions.

Final 1RM Deadlift Before Mock Meet and I'm Moving to...

In addition to his powerlifting career, Wheels is also an accomplished bodybuilder. He has competed in several bodybuilding competitions and has placed well in many of them. He is known for his impressive muscle mass and definition and has won numerous awards for his physique.

Larry Wheels and other Fitness Personalities

Larry Wheels has trained with multiple personalities in the past, including Halfthor Bjornson, who currently holds the world record for the most weight deadlifted, Ronnie Coleman who is one of the greatest bodybuilders of the last generation, as well as multiple other fitness influencers.

Despite this long list of collaborations, Wheels admits that there are still individuals he’s love to collaborate with, including Big Ramy, the Egyptian IFBB pro, and Chris Bumstead.

Fans of Wheels who follow his social media will recognize many fitness personalities on there as he trains with them to produce entertaining content, share fitness tips, and of course, just lift for the fun of it.

Larry Wheels on Social Media

Despite his success in powerlifting and bodybuilding, Wheels is perhaps best known for his social media following. He has amassed a large following on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where he shares his workouts, nutrition advice, and daily life with his fans. 

His videos and photos often feature him lifting impressive amounts of weight, and he is known for his energetic and enthusiastic personality.

According to Wheels, his social media presence started with Instagram where he was uploading videos of himself lifting impressive weights. As a powerlifter who could lift double his body weight, he quickly picked up steam and became popular.

Everything You Need to Know about Larry Wheels

Another reason Wheels believes people gravitated toward him was his insane shredded physique.

Wheel’s social media collaborations helped him grow his audience even more. He would work with known influencers and grow his following, and sometimes, he would collaborate with less popular individuals and put them on the map.

Larry Wheels and Entrepreneurship

Wheels is also a successful entrepreneur, with a line of fitness-related products and supplements. He has released several workout programs and has worked with companies to promote their products. 

In addition, he has a popular YouTube channel where he shares his training and nutrition advice, as well as vlogs about his daily life.

In an interview, Wheels stated that he’s now more focused on creating wealth for himself and his family. Besides the revenue, he gets from YouTube and other social media channels, Wheels is also involved in a lot of other ventures.

For example, he has several fitness products in the works, like Liquid Chalk and low-calorie sauce. According to Wheels, these are particularly interesting ventures because repeat purchases can really drive up demand once people see the value.

Larry Wheels Injury

Bodybuilders and powerlifters often sustain injuries during training, and Wheels is not exempt. Earlier in 2022, he sustained a back injury while chasing the record of the lightest person to deadlift 1,000 pounds. 

According to Wheels, the injury was primarily a result of him rushing the training process as he chased his goal. Wheels have stated that he used the injury as an opportunity to rest properly, refresh, and get back to work.

The bottom line

Larry Wheels is one of the most popular fitness personalities today, and he certainly exists in multiple categories, from bodybuilder to powerlifter, entrepreneur, and now real estate investor.

His massive success on the bodybuilding front and on social media is largely thanks to his insane work ethic and passion for pushing the envelope. You can find Wheels on Instagram and Youtube.

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