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Larry Wheels Officially Stops Taking Steroids

Larry Wheels Officially Stops Taking Steroids

It’s no secret that Larry Wheels has been a long-term user of steroids. In fact, the all-American powerhouse has been refreshingly honest about his journey to becoming the monster he is today, and specifically the role that taking performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) played.

Since the age of 17, when he was still training under his first ever gym membership, the now 27-year-old has almost solidly been cycling “all kinds” of performance-enhancing drugs. 

While he’s by no means an anomaly in the powerlifting community, Larry has always been one of the few comfortable enough to acknowledge the help the substances have given him in achieving his goals. 

Speaking in a recent YouTube video, Larry admitted PEDs were an important factor in reaching his deadlift personal record of first 800lbs and then pulling 930 lb for three reps in May. And while he still has his sights firmly set on smashing the 1,000 lb barrier, Larry has said his “dream” lift will have to be momentarily shelved while he steps away from the drugs for the first time in his adult life. 


Instead of going completely cold turkey – which would have astronomical repercussions on his body – Larry will instead be trialling testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Revealing the news, he said: “Seeing what I’m capable of on TRT is more of a priority to me and more exciting – it makes me feel invigorated. Going for a 1,000 lb deadlift, as exciting as that is, I’ve been on PEDs and hitting PRs for the last 10 years straight. 

“So, I know if I push the envelope enough and if I go to the extremes I can get there. But, what I don’t know is how I’ll perform without all that assistance, because the fact of the matter is PEDs make a tremendous difference in your strength, physique, psyche and recovery – more than the general population I think understand.”

Larry described the physical changes he experiences while off cycle as “night and day”. The influencer said he would often lose 30 to 40 lb of bodyweight while experiencing a 20 to 30% drop in strength. However, he said he hasn’t ever tried dropping to TRT levels of testosterone – around 175 mg per week – and the strongman seems to be feeling optimistic about the challenges ahead.

“This experiment will go on indefinitely,” he added. “I think it’ll be interesting for me to embark on a journey that no one has seen before, I haven’t even seen it for myself. It’ll bring out a different side of me, and it’ll force me to be more disciplined with everything. That means food, recovery and training. When you’re on cycle you can get away with a lot.”

Larry Wheels Officially Stops Taking Steroids

Larry ended the video by insisting he hasn’t fully turned his back on PEDs, and may well start using them again one day to achieve his lifetime goal of a 1,000 lb deadlift. But, for now, at least, get ready to see a new and steroid-free Larry Wheels.

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