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Andrew Tate and his brother meeting UFC champion Leon Edwards In Dubai

Why Did Andrew Tate Meet With Leon Edwards In Dubai?

In an alternate universe, Influencer Andrew Tate meeting Leon Edwards in the UAE might have been an interesting matchup. 

I mean, a clash of two world champions in their respective sports past and present coming together for one big super fight – what’s not to like?

But despite both men’s fighting pedigree, their chance encounter in Dubai was a much more amicable affair. 

Why Did Andrew Tate Meet With Leon Edwards In Dubai?

While Andrew ‘Cobra’ Tate did rise to relative fame from his time at the top of kickboxing, he’s far better known for his business exploits and, more recently, being banned from near enough every social media platform for his controversial social media posts. 

In contrast, Leon Edwards’ stock has never been higher. The gritty Brummy is still riding high from completing one of the greatest comebacks of all time in UFC 278 by knocking out Kamara Usman with an incredible left high kick to become just the second Brit to win a world title.

Why Did Andrew Tate Meet With Leon Edwards In Dubai?

Enjoying some well-earned time away from the octagon, the 31-year-old has been travelling the world and growing his profile by showing off his belt during various radio and tv appearances.

And it was during his visit to the Middle East that he ran into the self-proclaimed ‘Top G’, posing for a picture with the man himself.

When two men with such a violent background meet you hardly expect either to crack a smile, but they did both look pleased to be in each other’s company. 

Why Did Andrew Tate Meet With Leon Edwards In Dubai?

While they got a snap on their own, more pictures later emerged of Edwards and Tate linking arms with a couple more stern-looking chaps.

Providing some further context on Twitter, renowned journalist, Karim Zidan, said: “Also pictured is Tam Khan, the self-proclaimed ‘pioneer of MMA in the UAE’. Tam Khan has ties to Ramzan Kadyrov and invited Irish crime lord Daniel Kinahan & Tyson Fury to visit his TK MMA gym in Dubai earlier this year. Both Kinahan and Kadyrov are under US sanctions.”

It comes as no surprise to see Tate splashing his cash around the Gulf Tiger. The controversial figure previously referred to Dubai as the ‘City of the Future’, and can often be seen cruising through the dunes in one of his many sports cars.

Andrew Tate Fight Rumour

What has been rumoured is a potential fight at Madison Square Garden between Andrew Tate and Hasim Rahman Jr which would make more sense due to Andrew Tate’s weight class of 185lb making his potential foes.

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