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What Andrei Deiu Eats To Get Shredded

Ever wondered what bodybuilder Andrei Deiu eats in a day when he wants to get shredded for summer? 

Then you have to check out this YouTube video from the Romanian bodybuilder and fitness content creator where he talks through what he eats in a day with his 1.1M subscribers.

Like you’d expect from a guy like Andrei who wants to shape up and get a bit leaner, his meals are all built around protein and he eats 5 times a day.

His first meal of the day is oatmeal made with coconut milk along with a plate of smoked salmon, eggs, avocado, and tomatoes. When I say eggs, I mean he has 8 egg whites and 1 whole egg!

Full day eating to get shredded @AndreiDeiu

Meal number two is that old classic – chicken and rice. Deiu makes his plate up with 150g of grilled chicken and about the same amount of jasmine rice, with a side of air-fried veggies.

For meal number three he headed out for lunch at Heat cafe where he opted for the incredibly tasty looking Asian style beef rice bowl.

His fourth meal of the day was a big salad with seabass and sweet potatoes, and some more avocado on the side for some healthy fats. Then he rounded off the day with salmon and a salad with pomegranates.

With all his meals hitting around 35-45g of protein and the way he balances carbs and healthy fats I think it’s pretty safe to say that Andrei will be in the shape he wants to be in with time to spare before the summer arrives!

If you want more bodybuilding updates from Andrei, you should check out his YouTube channel.

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