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Prime hydration dubai

Prime Hydration Dubai: Can You Buy the Drink in Dubai?

It’s safe to say KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME Hydration has caused a stir since it dropped in January last year. Fans both young and old have literally fought each other to get their hands on a bottle, and everywhere that stocks it sells out almost instantly. But with all the buzz, it’s easy to wonder if prime hydration Dubai is a thing.

The two YouTube sensations have formed a formidable partnership since they squashed their beef, so much so that there have even been multiple sites set up to track down stores selling the smash-hit sports drink. You’ll remember that it’s being marketed as ideal for people who need to hydrate after an intense session in the gym.

Plenty of people across Europe and the UAE have been waiting with bated breath for PRIME to drop in their country, however, up until recently it was only officially sold in the UK and the US.

But it has started to branch out, with Swedish supermarkets briefly stocking PRIME towards the end of 2022 before it was inevitably snapped up in hours by hoards of eager shoppers.

The real question on everyone’s lips is can you buy PRIME Hydration in Dubai?

In short, yes, but you’ll have to pay a small fortune to online resellers. Single bottles are being sold for 65 AED, or around £14.50, which is well over the standard £1.99 recommended retail price. 

Unfortunately, before KSI and Logan Paul officially stock up the city’s retailers, it’ll be unlikely that that figure will drop. But there is a silver lining. 

KSI recently tweeted: “Prime will be in a lot of countries next year, I promise.” 

So keep your eyes peeled as the big announcement might be coming soon!

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