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How Much You Should Be Paying For Gym Memberships In Dubai

How Much You Should Be Paying For Gym Memberships In Dubai

The price of gym memberships dramatically in the UAE and specifically in Dubai with a mixture of gym chains including Fitness First offering monthly memberships for around 300AED ($70) to boutique gyms changing in excess of 2500AED ($600). The best place to start is to grab a Free Gym Pass so you can try before you buy it. After that the choices are endless.

Gyms In Dubai

Whether you are trying to bulk up or lean out, the choice of gyms in Dubai is the best in the world. MMA is vastly available and features a UFC facility, Yoga and lifestyle are dominated by Top Stretching, gym chain Fitness First has 23 locations and if you are a bodybuilder then the likes of Binous or Oxygen are a slice of weight lifting paradise.

How Much Do Dubai Gym Memberships Cost?

The costs vary heavily so we have selected 5 gyms that you should definitely check out:

Fitness First premium gyms in Dubai average a monthly membership cost of 468AED which works out to be approximately (depending on the exchange rate) $127.

Dubai Silicon Oasis | Fitness First Middle East

Binous which has been labelled the best bodybuilding gym in the world costs 799AED ($217) and is well worth it thanks to the giant facility, supplement stores, food service and the best coaches in the industry managing the floor.


Top Stretching which is the Gucci of gym facilities will cost you 2219AED for a three-month membership which works out to be $739 per month. This includes unlimited classes and access to their open gym.

Top Stretching Dubai

Looking for a group class gym that has a live DJ, neon lights and a nightclub feel? Junk Gym Dubai (owned by Anton Danyluk) costs 599AED per month for full access to all of its classes.

SNAP Fitness offer 24/7 access and is a mixed gym is the lowest price of them all with an average monthly membership costing just 299 AED ($62) for open gym general access.

Free Gym Passes Dubai

Gymfluencers are proud to offer free day passes to a select number of gyms in Dubai. Just Click Here and book your first visit now.

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