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Fly High Fitness

Fly High Fitness: The Aerial Arts & Pole Fitness Experts

Fly High Fitness Dubai is a popular fitness studio located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers a unique type of workout called aerial fitness, which combines traditional fitness exercises with acrobatics and aerial movements. Here’s everything you need to know about Fly High Fitness Dubai:

What is Aerial Fitness?

Aerial fitness is a type of workout that involves the use of aerial silks, hoops, and other aerial equipment to perform various exercises and acrobatic movements. This type of workout challenges the core, upper body, and lower body muscles, while improving flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Classes Offered

Fly High Fitness - Gymnastics Area

Fly High Fitness Dubai offers a variety of aerial fitness classes for all levels. These classes include aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial yoga, and aerial hammock. The studio also offers pole fitness classes, which focus on building upper body strength and improving flexibility.

Trained Instructors

The instructors at Fly High Fitness Dubai are highly trained and certified in aerial fitness. They provide personalized attention to each participant, ensuring that they perform the exercises safely and correctly.

Safety Measures

Fly High Fitness Dubai prioritizes safety in all of its classes. The studio is equipped with high-quality equipment that is regularly inspected and maintained. In addition, the instructors provide thorough safety instructions before each class and monitor the participants throughout the workout.

Studio Environment

Fly High Fitness Dubai is known for its welcoming and supportive environment. The studio is designed to make participants feel comfortable and inspired, with colorful decor and natural lighting.

Benefits of Aerial Fitness

Fly High Fitness

Aerial fitness has numerous health benefits. It improves overall fitness, enhances flexibility, strengthens muscles, and increases coordination and balance. It also reduces stress and boosts mood, making it a great way to improve mental health.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can participate in aerial fitness classes at Fly High Fitness Dubai, regardless of fitness level or experience. The instructors provide modifications and progressions to ensure that each participant is challenged appropriately.


Fly High Fitness Dubai offers a variety of pricing options, including single class passes, class packages, and unlimited memberships. The prices vary depending on the type of class and the length of the package.


In conclusion, Fly High Fitness Dubai offers a unique and challenging workout experience that is suitable for everyone. With its trained instructors, focus on safety, and welcoming environment, it’s a great place to improve overall fitness, flexibility, and mental health.

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