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Fitness Influencers In Dubai

Over the last few years Dubai has become a real hot spot for fitness enthusiasts and influencers from all over the world. And with the city’s focus on health, fitness, and wellbeing it’s easy to see why. From high-end gyms to sun-soaked outdoor workout spaces Dubai has loads to offer and is especially appealing to Brits looking to get away from grey skies and gloomy commutes.

Among the fitness influencers in Dubai is Mike Thurston, a Brit who made the move there several years ago. With an estimated net worth of around a million dollars the guy can definitely afford to live it up in Dubai, as well as travel to loads of other stunning places around the world.

When he’s not off jet-setting though he has a pretty jam-packed schedule making the most of what Dubai has to offer. A working day for Mike generally starts with a coffee and breakfast while he plans out his day and checks his emails. Then, no big surprise here, it’s off to the gym for a workout.

Working In Dubai | A Day In My Life

In a day in the life video that Mike shared a while ago he followed up his workout with a healthy lunch of buffalo chicken, sweet potato, and vegetables, before heading over to 7 gym to film a promo video.

That’s then followed by a guest appearance on the Modern Wisdom podcast, before he heads back home to get to work editing the content he’s filmed ready to upload to YouTube.

With creating content being a huge part of Mike’s job a lot of his time is spent out and about filming, and then getting stuck into editing everything down to create the videos that go down a storm with his 1.5 million subscribers. 

And who wouldn’t be inspired by watching great content from fitness influencers in Dubai like Mike?! With blue skies for days, luxurious gyms to workout in, and stunning places to relax on your days off, it’s no wonder the likes of Mike, Yusuf Babar, Oliver Forslin, and Peter Barron have chosen to call Dubai home.

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