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Is Mike Thurston Leaving Dubai Forever? 

We’re not normally ones for gossip round here, preferring to get the full scoop before we share stories about our fave fitness influencers. But we’ve had our eyes on Mike Thurston lately and are starting to wonder if there’s something he’s not telling us, and have our suspicions that he might be considering leaving Dubai for good.

See, we’ve noticed that the busy Brit has been spending less time in Dubai lately and the rumour mill is starting to spark with speculation. 

Over the last few months Mike’s shared YouTube videos from Prague, Lisbon, Spain, and St Tropez, so he’s clearly been spending a lot of time traveling outside of Dubai. And while he shared a video back in June that made it clear he wouldn’t fancy living in London again after leaving 4 years ago, we are wondering if he might have an itch to make somewhere else home for a while.

If he does, then our money’s on that place being Marbella where he’s recently been relaxing after a busy trip to Ibiza.

Living In Marbella | A Day In The Life

Mike posted a chilled day in the life vlog from Marbella on his YouTube channel a few days ago and the lifestyle there clearly agrees with him.  From working on his laptop to working out in the gym, he can do all the things he needs to while enjoying the warm weather and relaxed pace of life.

Interestingly, Mike also chats about the fact that he’d love to start a family some day, and you have to wonder if he’s considering Marbella as the ideal place to do that.

Of course, all of this is sheer speculation at this point and there’s no hard evidence that he is planning to leave Dubai any time soon. But we’ll be watching closely to see if he does follow fellow fitness influencers like Larry Wheels in making the move away from the UAE. 

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