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Dubai Residents To Get Paid For Burning Calories

Dubai Residents To Get Paid For Burning Calories

For gym goers in Dubai, getting fit will now be even more rewarding. That’s thanks to Your Fitness Coach – a new app which will give users who exercise regularly a tonne of benefits including gym classes, sportswear and branded gym equipment.

Launched in the City of Gold, the app has partnered with gyms and studios in over 15 locations across the UAE.

“Our aim is to make fitness more accessible, more affordable and more rewarding,” said Johan Du Plessis, founder and CEO of YFC. “This app is a result of years of hard work where we asked industry experts and fitness enthusiasts what they would like to see in the future so that we could create that.”

According to Du Plessis, the vision is for the app to become the go-to hub for all fitness activities and services. “The YFC app perfectly marries fitness and technology. We want to bridge the gap in the industry and create a holistic global platform,” he added.

In addition to tracking their steps and calorie burn, users will be able to access various gyms and fitness studios, purchase access to group classes, get a certified personal trainer, follow an in-app training programme designed by fitness experts and get rewarded for all their activity.

Dubai Residents To Get Paid For Burning Calories

While using the app for tracking and earning points is free, there is also an option to get a monthly membership for Dh399 which gives access to a range of gyms and studios. Both members who pay and have free accounts can unlock Y-coins by burning calories and earning points. The Y-coins can then be used against purchases.

Those who participate in events like the Dubai Fitness Challenge, Spartan and Tough Mudder will get award point multipliers to help them stack up Y-coins more quickly.

Sujoy Cherian, co-founder and managing director of YFC, said:  “The future of tech is driven by the convergence of digital, biological, and physical innovations. 

“The app uses complex and disruptive technologies that enable users to track their activity and get rewarded with points based on their steps and workouts. The purpose of all this tech and innovation is to support our core values which are: to engage, activate and reward people for being active.”

Eduardo Ribiero of Team Noguira, one of the partners of YFC, said the gym was looking to attract more customers through teaming up with the app. He said: “We are a fairly new facility. Also, we have an innovative concept of offering martial arts along with a gym membership. The values of YFC aligned with ours, and we thought the app would give us access to a whole new customer base who are willing to try new things.”

Offering up insight on why they picked Dubai to launch the app, the founders said there was no place better. “Dubai is very ambitious when it comes to fitness,” said Sujoy Cherian. “No other city has done what Dubai has, whether it is the government games or Dubai Fitness Challenge. The way the government approaches fitness and has encouraged the community to participate, we love that we are in such a city and are happy to contribute to this spirit in our own way.”

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