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Binous Gym Dubai

Why You Need To Visit Binous Gym Dubai (The Bodybuilding Mecca)

When it comes to amazing gyms and bodybuilding you can look no further than Binous Gym Dubai. Renowned as the greatest bodybuilding gym in the world by industry legends including Dorian Yates, Larry Wheels and Andrew Jacked.

With over 20,000 square feet offering high-end strength equipment, cardio areas, boxing rings, giant TVs, supplement stores and even a food prep service there is no end to the gains you can make when visiting Binous. The infamous red and black colour scheme can be seen throughout and cross two levels. No matter where you are in the gym you will see one of the three giant screens playing motivation videos and YouTube vlogs.

Binous Gym Dubai

Located in Al Quoz industrial estate, Binous gym will first greet you with the most expensive supercars on the planet thanks to their daily clientele including famous sports stars and the richest fitness influencers.


A friendly team, the best personal trainers and a clean environment await your entry. Memberships for Binous Gym Dubai vary significantly and are based on time and even gender.

Binous Gym Dubai Membership Costs

Female Day Pass: 100 AED

Male Day Pass: 199 AED

1 Week Pass: 300 AED

2 Week Pass: 450 AED

1 Month Membership: 799 AED

3 Month Membership: 2100 AED

6 Month Membership: 3999 AED

1 Year Membership: 7500 AED

Binous Gym Dubai

It’s safe to say Binous Gym Dubai is a must-visit. With 400k+ IG followers, Binous has become an attraction in Dubai and is admired by the industry as a whole.

Binous Gym Dubai

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