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Why You Need To Visit Ab Fitness Dubai

Dubai does everything big. The cars. The buildings. The watches.

The gyms.

Nothing misses out on the Dubai treatment; lavish, high quality, sexy. Can a gym be sexy?


The Ab Fitness Dubai Facility

Ab Fitness in Dubai is a 120,000 Sq foot, 24/7 gym situated in the scenic area of Port Rashid. Now, I know what you’re thinking, it is one of many unbelievable workout spaces in the city of Dubai, but I’m going to tell you why it’s an absolute standout.

I guess the best place to start is facilities and amenities because I don’t know about you, but all I want from a gym is top-quality gear and space, there’s nothing worse than a busy gym with nothing there! So, facilities…

As mentioned before, a 120,000sq ft gym which if I can put it into context for you, a standard-sized football pitch is around 64,000sq ft…so this gym is the size of 2 football pitches… that is absolutely insane! Have a think about your gym, it’s probably quite a good size, the gym I regularly attend is probably a quarter of a football pitch, so Ab Fitness is 8 times the size of my gym. Wow. Just wow.

Facilities in Ab Fitness Dubai

A state-of-the-art cycle studio for all you spinners out there,  with a multitude of bikes, allowing for large class sizes, and we all know, a spin class is much better with more people, you need an atmosphere to get you through the pain!

Suffering from any niggly aches and pains, well, head to the physiotherapy studio and be mended by the magical hands of the qualified physiotherapists at Ab Fitness.

Do you know what? A swimming pool can really enhance a gym in my opinion, you go from a ‘gym’ to something like a health club, obviously, there is a pool here! The best thing about this is that swimming is so good for you if you lift weights regularly, there’s a real therapeutic thing about having a swim after a gym session, keep the muscles loose and ease the inevitable DOMS.

ab fitness dubai

I bet your gym does not have this…an MMA arena. Ab Fitness has a martial arts area, specifically an MMA arena. This is a real niche facility but it’s good to try new things and the levels of fitness you need to do MMA could really enhance your workouts.

Aside from the actual facilities, there are various amenities, such as; changing rooms, lockers, showers, sauna, parking, and some unbelievable sea views where you’ll see some of the nicest yachts in Dubai.

What About the Equipment

In terms of equipment, Ab Fitness boasts Technogym’s latest technology, which by the way, is one of the best equipment providers there are, if you’ve ever used ‘new’ Technogym, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Also, imagine 2 football pitches worth of Technogym, it’s a dream, isn’t it?

Stepping away from the workout area and its facilities, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that they have a very well-stocked protein shop for all your supplementary needs. Not all gyms can give you this and I have to say I’d absolutely love to finish a workout and then choose my post-workout protein goodies from an array of choices. 

Ab Fitness aren’t just a gym, pool, MMA arena, sauna, etc…they are the master of events, sporting and fitness events alike. Runs, weightlifting comps, MMA fights, swimming galas, and many more. I love the way this gives the community a chance to push themselves, it takes a gym with a bunch of random people in and makes it a group of competitive fitness fanatics who become friends.

They’ll give you a lovely little offer as well, 50% off your membership when you purchase a 3-month or a 6-month membership.


I could genuinely sit here and list all of the amazing things about Ab Fitness, the facilities being unreal, top-of-the-range equipment, the exact amenities you need, and more, and so on…but I won’t tell you anymore, you’re going to need to find out yourself, have a look at their website, and then get yourself down there ASAP.

I mean, you can work out whilst looking at the yachts. Do you really need any more motivation?

Free 3-Day Gym Pass To Ab Fitness

Want to try this amazing gym for free? Simply show this article or the unique Gym Pass page at reception to gain free access for a full 3 days. You will be greeted by the friendliest and best staff in Dubai who will even offer to help take your training to the next level with more information on personal trainers and group classes.

Gymfluencers Special Rate Membership Prices

Having teamed up with the amazing Ab Fitness team, Gymfluencers visitors can take advantage of our special rate membership prices as followers:

3-Month Membership: 1260 AED

6-Month Membership: 2100 AED

1 Year Membership: 1850 AED

1-Year Couples Membership: 3780 AED

Simply quote Gymfluencers when you Contact Ab Fitness or mention us at checkout to receive these special rates.

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