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chris bumstead

What Happened When CBUM Visited Dubai

Get ready for a thrilling adventure as CBUM takes on Dubai! Chris Bumstead, AKA CBUM, usually shares workout inspo with his 3.28m YouTube subscribers, but he does also like to mix things up with vlogs and videos from his travels.

In a recent video he took his followers along on a trip to Dubai where he stayed for 4 days before heading on to India. 


After arriving in Dubai in the evening and enjoying dinner with incredible views of the city, Chris really kicks things off the next morning with a dune buggy ride in the desert. And after seeing his face at the end of the ride, I think it’s safe to say that he enjoyed himself!

To wrap up his day he then hits the incredibly well-equipped hotel gym for a workout. And Chris being Chris, this wasn’t just a quickie. This was a full-on, intense workout, really making the most of the focus on fitness that you find in Dubai.

It might have been a bit of a flying visit for CBUM, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be back soon enough after enjoying this break in the city! Check out his YouTube channel for more updates.

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