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PureGym Dubai

PureGym Dubai Is Coming Soon With 20 Facilities Planned To Open Over The Next Few Years

PureGym, the no-frills giant of gym chains, is set to expand further than ever before having just signed a Regional Development Agreement with Ektimal to open 130 gyms in the Middle East and North Africa by 2027.  The big news is PureGym Dubai is coming soon and it’s going to take over!

PureGym is the largest gym operator in the United Kingdom, and the leader in the market for providing affordable and flexible gym memberships. Operating across nine different countries, PureGym has over 525 gyms and 1.7 million members, with its newest locations in the Middle East. Earlier in 2022, Pure Gym successfully expanded to Saudi Arabia in partnership with Ektimal, a company that specializes in fitness investments in Saudi Arabia. Following this agreement, they will now open over 20 gyms across the UAE within the next few years, and the first three of these will be opening in Dubai later in 2022.

The gym giant has gained popularity globally for its affordable, accessible, and flexible gym memberships, which can be canceled, frozen or restarted at any time. Most locations are open 24 hours a day and offer a variety of cardio and weights training equipment as well as exercise classes and personal trainers, providing a variety for gym-goers of all fitness levels. Susan Turner, CEO of PureGym Middle East, believes this will be highly appealing to the fitness sector of the UAE.  

With Egypt looking likely to be the next market for PureGym in MENA, Pure Gym CEO Humphrey Cobbold has said that other potential countries to expand into include Bahrain and Qatar, as they aim to open 130 gyms across MENA by 2027

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