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Mike Thurston’s Weekend Mastermind in Dubai: The  £8000 Subscriber Experience

If you happened to see Mike Thurston’s video a while ago promoting a weekend mastermind in Dubai (but couldn’t quite stretch to the £8000 price tag to go along yourself), you might be wondering what went down and how the weekend went for Mike Thurston and the 10 lucky subscribers who signed up before he sold out.

Well he’s revealing all in a new YouTube video where he breaks down everything they got up to.

A Weekend In Dubai With Mike Thurston

The weekend kicked off with a training session at Train Beach Club, followed by a dip in an ice bath and a chance to chill and chat with everyone on the mastermind. Then came dinner at Urla Restaurant and Lounge where the group enjoyed amazing food and the perfect ambience as they got to know each other better.

The next day they headed to Azure Beach where they soaked up some sun before hitting the jungle gym for a little workout. Then it was time for a fun-filled boat ride complete with drinks and a DJ, followed by dinner at CouCou.

Day 3 of the mastermind included a tough workout at Seven Gym, a visit to Senora Camp in the desert to meet some birds of prey, board down the dunes, and try out some archery, and dinner under the stars.

All in all, it looked like a pretty non-stop, action-packed experience for everyone involved. Was it worth £8000? Well, that’s a judgement call really isn’t it! If you ask the guys who were there they’ll tell you it was absolutely worth it, with one of them calling the experience ‘life changing’, so if you have the spare cash and like Mike’s style, then keep your eye on his channel to see if he decides to do the whole thing again.

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