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andrew jacked at binous gym dubai

How Andrew Jacked Trains Shoulders At Binous Gym Dubai

Binous Gym in Dubai remains one of the top bodybuilding destinations, with many people calling it the best gym in the world. It’s welcomed fitness influencers and bodybuilders, from Noel Deyzel to Connie Orange, and it looks like Andrew Jacked is a frequent member as well.

The bodybuilder has labelled this period his “rebound phase” and is putting the pedal to the metal with his shoulder training at the Binous Gym.

Training with Big Ash, both mass monsters do everything from fueling up on supplements to talking about their bodybuilding career progression and everything it takes to make it happen.

Rebound Phase: Shoulder with Big Ash

Hitting the weights, they go through multiple sets of classic shoulder exercises with precision and determination, starting from lateral raises. Dubai’s Binous gym doesn’t seem to have a shortage of workout machines, so the two men get a chance to really go to town.

Other exercises they cycled through include cable reverse flys, chest-supported front raises, and several others.

Andrew Jacked has had a very successful career, with one of his most recent wins being the 2022 Arnold Amateur competition. He also has the Texas Pro Bodybuilding title under his belt, and from the intensity of his training, you can tell he has his sights on bigger things.

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