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Mike Thurston's Hair Transplant

Everything You Need To Know About Mike Thurston’s Hair Transplant

Chiseled, ripped, Greek God, bronzed, bodybuilder, and model are just a few words you will hear when people describe fitness influencer and former personal trainer Mike Thurston. What you might not know about is Mike Thurston’s Hair Transplant and the journey he went on to regain his hair and get back his confidence.

Mike Thurston

Born August 9th, 1990 and with a net worth of millions thanks to his 3m+ social media followers, Mike Thurston is a YouTube content creator, owner of Thrst apparel, and an online coach, and fitness influencer. Born in England but now living in Dubai, Mike will often be seen vlogging his life and working out hard in the gym. Some of his best videos have featured MattDoesFitness (owner of Morsia Energy Drinks) and former Mr. Olympia himself, Dorian Yates.

Mike Thurston’s Hair Transplant

Without trying some amazing natural hair regrowth products like More Hair Naturally, Mike Thurston decided to go under the knife and paid £12,000 for his hair transplant to be done in Harley Street, London. Speaking openly in his video he goes into detail about all of the pre-operation procedures, the operation, and the follow-up care he received.

My Hair Transplant Results After 1 Year

Being very happy with the finished product Mike does have a full head of hair but does mention his frustration with it taking over 9 months for him to see true results.

Are Hair Transplants For You?

So the truth of it is nobody should ever tell you if you should or should not get surgery but before you do so it would be better to try natural treatments, supplements, and hair regrowth products. Brands like More Hair Naturally offer cutting science products using stem cells+ which aggressively fights hair loss. Make sure you try this route before going under the knife. The decision of having a hair transplant comes with certain dangers including bleeding, infection and scarring.

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