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Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Rugby 7's

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Rugby 7’s

If you’re new in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it won’t be long before you hear about ‘The Dubai 7’s,’ especially with it being around the corner. The Dubai 7’s rugby tournament — often called the Dubai Sevens—takes place every year at the world-famous Sevens Stadium in Dubai. The event is one of the world’s biggest and most widely watched tournaments, featuring a three-day sporting weekend of music, entertainment, and lots of standard international rugby. 

The Dubai Rugby 7’s, which is undoubtedly the country’s favorite sports event, attracts thousands of fans from across the globe and generates millions of dollars in revenue for Dubai itself. This year, the event is taking place from Thursday, December 1st, till December 3rd 2022, and the Dubai Rugby 7’s ticket is already on sale with plenty of ticket options. 

History of the Dubai Rugby 7’s

Although the United Arab Emirates was formed in 1971, The Dubai Rugby 7’s dates back to 1970, with the Staffordshire Regiment emerging as the very first Dubai Rugby 7’s champion. The sporting event kicked off when some expats from England played against one another at the Dubai Exiles RFC with a small audience. 

Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Rugby 7's winners picture

In 1999, the International Rugby Board’s Sevens World Series, now referred to as HSBC World Rugby 7’s Series, was hosted in Dubai. It wasn’t until then, after 29 years, the tournament was shaped into the Dubai Rugby 7’s we’re familiar with today. By 2006, the tournament was a major one,  experiencing growth and tripling in size.

Dubai 7’s Main Events

Several programs are lined up as part of the 3-day tournament. The HSBC World Rugby 7’s men competition with 16 teams has been split into four pools consisting of four teams. The women’s competition, which has 12 teams, is split into three pools having four teams each. 

In the women’s competition, China, the USA, Australia, and Canada will be going head to head in pool A. Pool B has the New Zealand, France, Brazil, and Great Britain teams. While the last pool sees Spain, Japan, Fiji and Ireland compete in Pool C. 

Pool A of the men’s event sees Australia, Kenya, Great Britain, and South Africa. While Fiji, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Argentina make up, Pool B. Pool C sees Spain, Uganda, third-seed France, and Ireland. And in the last pool, Pool D, Samoa, Japan, the USA, and Canada compete against one another.

The men’s final is scheduled to hold on December 3rd by 7:26 pm UAE time. Likewise, the women’s final will be held 30 mins earlier on the same day by 6:56 pm. Even if you aren’t an avid sports fan, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about the Dubai Sevens. Click here to see the full Dubai 7’s full schedule. You can also visit the Dubai Rugby7’s website for more news and updates.

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