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Jesse James West Binous Gym

Jesse James West Visits Binous Gym Dubai

Popular Youtube star Jesse James West has recently visited the high-end and luxury gym – Binous Gym in Dubai.  Jesse starts touring the gym with his friend Joe and soon realises that the gym is very overwhelming. Joe describes it…
Oxygen fitness abu dhabi

Everything You Need To Know About Oxygen Gym Abu Dhabi

Oxygen Gym is a popular gym located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It provides state-of-the-art equipment to its members and is home to the popular Dubai Pro fitness show.  The gym has got everything you need, ranging from a vast array…
inside binous gym dubai

What To Expect When Visiting Binous Gym Dubai

Binous Gym in Dubai offers an experience unlike any other, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar gym atmosphere anywhere else in the world. The multi-room gym has a stunning entrance where you’ll be greeted by a glorious tribute…
Who Is CK Fitness - Dubai

Who Is CK Fitness – Dubai

We recently reached out to the CK Fitness Co-Founder, Calum, who is listed as a coach on our website. We have watched their business grow through using the social media platform Instagram and have seen how much dedication they both…
Barry's Dubai

Book Your First Fitness Class At Barry’s Dubai

Been to Barry’s Dubai Bootcamp yet? If you haven’t then there’s no time like the present to book yourself into your first class and see why they call their HIIT workout the best workout in the world. Venture inside the…