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Who Is CK Fitness - Dubai

Who Is CK Fitness – Dubai

We recently reached out to the CK Fitness Co-Founder, Calum, who is listed as a coach on our website. We have watched their business grow through using the social media platform Instagram and have seen how much dedication they both have for Health & Fitness and their clients. We wanted to gain an insight into why Calum went down this route and what makes him so passionate about Personal Training.

CK Fitness

And here is what Calum had to say…

Hello, my name is Calum, I am the co-founder of CK Fitness.

I am a certified Personal Trainer who wants to spread my passion among as many people as possible.  

Health and Fitness have become an integral part of my life since a very young age. But for the past 8 years I have put all my focus on training in the gym, I live it, breathe it, and dream it.  But before starting out in the gym I tried all different kinds of sports such as mountain biking, running, road cycling, and football. But when I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which was a big turning point in my life. That meant I had to inject myself with insulin several times a day to carefully control my blood glucose level. Since then, I have realised how much fitness has helped in controlling my diabetes.

Since becoming a qualified personal trainer in 2018, I feel my life has fallen into place. I have found a career that I am so passionate about. I love to see my clients see progress in their health and fitness, increasing their overall confidence and achieving the results that they work so hard for. This is what makes my job so gratifying and I can’t wait to help more clients out going into 2023.

In 2020 me and my fiancé Klaudia who is also a personal trainer moved from Scotland to Abu Dhabi to work for a premium personal training studio. This was a very exciting chapter for us both, but scary at the same time as we didn’t really know much about Abu Dhabi other than it had a very strict law and was very conservative. After spending 1 year in the capital of UAE, we decided to move on for personal reasons which brought us to Dubai where we have been living for almost 1 year now, and what a year it has been. We now work for ourselves as freelance personal trainers under our brand name CK Fitness. 

CK Fitness is a premium personal training business offering home training in and around Dubai and we also offer online coaching worldwide. We approach Personal Training in a unique way. You as a client are the heart of what we do and we aim to keep our standards high. CK Fitness work with people who want to make a change, not only in the way they look but also to improve their overall well-being.

So, when you join us, we don’t just take you through a workout a few times a week. We take an all-around approach. Because for us, fitness isn’t just about improving your physique. It’s about how your body moves, how your mind feels and how your heart beats. We work with you to build a full strategy to reach your goals that fits within the lifestyle you love. We go above and beyond in helping our clients achieve their fitness and health goals, striving to deliver the best Personal Training/Online Coaching leaving no stone unturned. 

Gymfluencers love the passion team CK Fitness has and their dedication to being influential in the health and fitness world, so if you want to work with them then head over to their Instagram page @ckfitnessofficial or reach out via their website www.ckfitnessofficial.com

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