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Topless John Fury Calls Out Jake Paul

Topless John Fury Calls Out Jake Paul After Boring Tommy Fight

An enraged John Fury ripped off his shirt and called out Jake Paul after his son Tommy laboured through six rounds with late-replacement Roland Lambert on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather’s clash with YouTuber Deji.

Fury had been due to fight American boxer Paul Bamba but it was scrapped at the eleventh hour after the 23-year-old weighed in seven pounds heavier than his rival, prompting KSI to label him an “absolute joke”. 

Bamba refused to fight, despite Tommy saying he made weight as per his contract, and was instead replaced by Lambert – who had knocked out 12 of his opponents with a record of 15 wins in 17 fights.

However, due to the late chaos, the bout had to be registered as an exhibition, meaning there was no declared winner. 

Despite Fury having the better of the exchange, he was booed by the Dubai crowd who clearly weren’t sold by what they saw. 

To make matters worse for the former Love Island contestant, Paul was goading him throughout the fight while on co-commentary duties. 

He shouted “you are a f**cking amateur still, this is embarrassing” while gripping the microphone, following his initial barrage up with “you have no d*ck”.

His comments were clearly noted by Tommy, who exploded while being interviewed in the ring after the fight and tried to scale the ropes to get at Paul.

He said: “I want to say one thing, there’s a certain b*tch at ringside who I want in this ring right now. Tell him to get in here because he would never have the balls to fight a man of this caliber on a few hours’ notice. Never.”

He added: “He doesn’t want to step in here because he ain’t no man, I’ll fight him now and I’ve just had a fight.”

During the melee, Tommy’s dad, John, whipped off his top to join his son in berating Paul over the ropes. After showing off a bit of shadow boxing he shouted: “Forget my son, I’m the king of the bare-knuckle.”

In true Paul fashion, he continued teasing both Tommy and his dad throughout the fracas.


Speaking afterward, he said: “Madness. This guy was on some sort of sh*t, I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It was entertaining but there was nothing stopping them. He had the high ground, anyone that knows anything about war knows that the high ground is better. I’m standing there, I don’t move a muscle, there’s nothing stopping the two Furys and they did nothing.”

Paul and Fury have seen two attempts at settling their differences in the ring fail due to issues on the Brit’s side. 

He withdrew from the first fight due to an injury to his ribs, later backing out of the second over an ongoing visa issue blocking him from entering America. 

Asked about the prospect of handing Fury a third chance, Paul said: “I mean, I think it would be interesting, right?

“But the problem is will he actually show up in the ring? That’s what I’m worried about. I would like to fight a Fury, I would like to fight Tommy, I would like to fight a professional boxer but none of them wanted to get in the ring with me.”

Among the star-studded audience – which included the likes of Andrew Tate, Tyrone Woodley, and KSI – was Molly-Mae Hague. 

Molly, who has been with Tommy since the pair coupled up on ITV’s hit reality show in 2019, flew out to Dubai to watch the soon-to-be father of her baby girl in action. 

While the Creative Director of PrettyLittleThing will soon be surrounded by nappies and toys, she is certainly making the most of her last few weeks of luxury. 

Posting a picture of her lavish seat on the plane, she said: “Upgraded as a treat considering this is the last flight I will take become I become a mum.

“Not quite sure how to act in this part of the plane though.”

She posted more pictures to her Instagram of Tommy in the dressing room before the fight, including one of her company Filter by Molly-Mae branded on his shorts.

In what was another touching nod to his lover and their unborn child, Fury had the words ‘Baby Girl’ stitched onto the waistband. 

Paul’s antics will have done little to please Molly, who had previously been dragged into his long-running feud with Tommy after the American YouTuber said she had messaged him before rising to fame.

But the celebrity influencer hit out at the claims to say the messages were faked. 

As expected, Mayweather stopped Deji in the sixth round of the main event. Speaking afterward, Deji called out Justin Bieber and former One Direction star Liam Payne, saying he wanted “all the smoke”.

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