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Top 10 Fitness Influencers Of Dubai

Top 10 Fitness Influencers Of Dubai

Home to a blend of incredible architecture, natural beauty, lavish resorts and near constant sunshine – it’s no wonder Dubai has become a playground to the stars. Equally, in a world where we can stay connected with our favourite creators from near enough anywhere at any time, it comes as no surprise some of the most successful fitness influencers have chosen to permanently settle in the Golf Tiger, too. From bodybuilders to experts in wellbeing and lifestyle, Dubai’s gyms are packed full of social media’s biggest names. In this article we’ll be taking you through the top 10 influencers of Dubai who call the city their home. So without further adieu – and in no particular order – let’s get into it!

Top 10 Fitness Influencers Of Dubai

Hamza Salah

Before you ask, no, he doesn’t share any relation to Liverpool’s emphatic forward Mohamed Salah. But if he carries on gaining followers at the rate he currently is, Hamza won’t be far behind the Egyptian’s fame. The 32 year old chiselled Pakistani international boasts as whopping 149,000 followers on Instagram with 67,000 more on TikTok. Committed to his craft, Hamza’s morning routine stars off with a gruelling round of cardio – before he has even had breakfast, that is. His torn abs and flowing hair are impressive in equal measure, and sitting at a lean 165lbs, he’s certainly one to follow if you’re looking to get shredded for the summer.

Ahmed Mokbel 

This guy is the absolute king of blood-boiling workouts. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Ahmed saw his football career curtailed at a young age after suffering a nasty injury. But like all true hustlers he overcame the setback and channelled his passion for sport into working out – quickly landing himself modelling opportunities for Pepsi, Sneakers and Diadora to name a few. Since moving to Dubai he’s continued to build his brand, linking up with huge names in the fitness industry such as MyProtein and Squatwolf. His unique blend of weight training and plyometrics has earned him 1 million followers on Instagram and 180,000 more on TikTok, comfortably placing him among Dubai’s top 10 influencers.

Top 10 Fitness Influencers Of Dubai

Alice Veglio

As motivational journeys go, Alice Veglio’s is hard to beat. As a young Italian girl with a passion for ballet, Alice almost saw her dreams crumble before her very own eyes after receiving a severe spinal rotation diagnosis. At the age of 14, doctors told her she was destined for immobility. But despite the odds being stacked heavily against her, she’s gone on to become a major player in the fitness game, turning over more than 500,000 euro in the first year of her startup, Bright and Fit. Now an international boss lady with a bachelor’s degree and 213,000 Instagram followers to her name, the 26-year-old model and influencer is worth following for her story alone.

Andrei Deiu

While his jet-setting lifestyle often sees him posted around the globe, Andrei regularly spends months on end in Dubai, and in particular, Home Champions gym. The 26-year-old Romanian has been competing in bodybuilding shows since he was 17 years old, but his fame has since transcended the fitness industry. Modelling for Boohooman active and attracting a following of 5.4 million on Instagram and 912,000 on YouTube, the stacked Adonis has become a global superstar and an accomplished model. Also the owner of several successful fitness and clothing companies such as Strutt and 3D Gains, Andrei has shown he has a keen nose for business, too. I think it’s fair to say this guy has the game in his palms.

Synthia Jacob 

Having spent time in 49 different countries including Australia, Japan and the Maldives, it’s testament to Dubai’s beauty and pull that Synthia Jacob has decided to settle in the city. Relatively new to the influencer game, Synthia has already scooped the Female Fitness Influencer of the Year award for her exploits in fitness and nutrition. Not always a gym-bunny, Synthia has transformed herself into an absolute beast over the past few years and can often be seen training in the Vida Creek Harbour’s skyline gym. Now in her 30s, the Romanian influencer says she is looking to help women embrace their natural bodies, and has so far collected 86,000 on Instagram through her feel good approach.

Vlad ‘The Impaler’ Suhorochko 

Some people dream of having abs they could crack an egg on, others prefer to pack on a little more body fat to keep that bulky size. Well, if you follow the training tips of Vlad ‘The Impaler’ Suhorochko, you may just be able to have both. The man mountain, who typically weighs between 260-290lb, is in the shape of his life as he prepares to kick off his competitive year with IFBB-PRO Portugal. Fueled by Base Nutrition and hailing from Oxygen gym, Vlad has 220,000 followers on Instagram alone. If you think size is king, then Vlad is your man.

Laila Mourad

Laila is an absolute heavyweight in the fitness influencer game. The Lebanese-Canadian star has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube to boot. An astute businesswoman, the 28-year-old, who launched her YouTube channel in 2012, has her own premium fitness equipment brand called Takt. If you’re looking for a wholesome combination of fitness, lifestyle and travel all mixed into one – Laila is a perfect fit for you.

Coach Meddy 

If you’re looking for an influencer who will whip you into the shape of your life, then who better than a trainer to the stars? Coach Meddy has a more than impressive CV which is jam packed with household names. The fitness and lifestyle trainer has put current and former professional footballers such as Patrice Evra, Nicholas Anelka and Radamel Falcao through their paces in the city. His record of high-level results has helped him amass 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 6,000 more on TikTok. His programme promises results in 29 days, so there may still be time to get that body you want for summer if you drop him a follow!

Lilly Sabri 

I know what you were thinking, how can we make a list of Dubai’s top ten influencers and NOT include Lilly Sabri? Well fear not, we haven’t forgotten her. Using her background in physiotherapy to teach HIIT classes, Lilly’s super-fun style has been making it that little bit easier for people to shred weight for years now. The 31-year-old is one of YouTube’s greatest when it comes to fitness videos, with 3.7 million people subscribed to her channel and 711,000 more following her workouts on Instagram. Repping the Gymshark brand, Lilly also has her own app called ‘Lean with Lilly’, which has just shy of 100,000 followers on its own Instagram page. She not only ranks in the top 10 fitness influencers in Dubai – she’s among the best there is.

Cafy Fabio 

Last but by no means least on our whistle-stop tour of Dubai’s greatest influencers is Cafy Fabio. Having clinched first place in Joe Weider’s Olympia Amateur in Portugal in 2019, Cafy has certainly earned his stripes in the world of bodybuilding. A fan of fast cars of big weights, Cafy has 116,000 followers on his Instagram page and trains out of the city’s Binous Gym.

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