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Mike Thurston Gives Biohacking A Try

Fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and influencer Mike Thurston is back in Dubai after an epic 8-week adventure that saw him travelling to a whole host of places including Marbella, Ibiza, and St Tropez.

After settling back into his apartment and life back in Dubai, Mike was clearly itching to try something new again, so he headed off to check out Formation Studio. It’s the first biohacking and recovery studio to open in Dubai and it focuses on improving quality of life, energy performance, and longevity.

Sounds intriguing right?! 

Luckily for us, Mike filmed the tour of the studio for his YouTube channel so we can see for ourselves what it’s all about.

These Machines Will Make You Live Longer

First up on the biohacking agenda is red light therapy. You get inside what looks like a tanning bed, but instead of tanning you it exposes you to red light which helps to open up the blood vessels and is also great for helping muscles repair and recover after exercise.

Next up is PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) which is pretty intense, especially after the relaxing effects of the red light therapy!

Mike lies on the bed and you can see his muscles start twitching involuntarily as the machine is turned up from 50 to 100. While it might not be the most soothing experience, PEMF does help massively with muscle and joint pain, and a lot of people use it to help them recover after surgery.

During his tour Mike also checks out the hyperbaric chamber which simulates being 5 metres below sea level and improves lung capacity and lowers the heart rate, as well as the cryo chamber for a bit of cold therapy which leaves Mike buzzing with energy.

At the end of his time at Formation Studio Mike’s clearly impressed, saying he plans on heading back on a weekly basis. So you may well end up bumping into the man himself if you decide to test the place out for yourself!

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