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Mayweather Stops Deji

Mayweather Stops Deji To Cap Off A Dramatic Evening In Dubai

Floyd Mayweather stopped YouTuber Deji in round number six to cap off an easy night’s work for the former pound-for-pound superstar.


Pretty Boy Floyd spent most of the fight toying with Deji who, understandably, looked like a man way out of his depth for almost all of the encounter. 

The 50-0 legend, who has 27 knockouts to his name, quite literally danced around the ring during parts of the exchange on Sunday, November 13. 

But he went from clown to killer in an instant as he unleashed what turned out to be a fight-stopping flurry to end Deji’s contest. 

Despite his showboating it was all love after the event as the 45-year-old embraced KSI’s brother and delivered some kind words to cap off the event. After hailing the UAE as an “unbelievable country with unbelievable people”, he said: “I want to thank everyone who supported this event. 

“Of course, I couldn’t do this without my dancing partner. Deji, you’re a tough competitor, I’m proud of you, keep up the great work. 

“Your brother, KSI, is a hell of a fighter, too. I want him to keep up the great work. Work together as a team and as a force. I’m proud of you guys, and I’m just proud of the whole UAE.”

Deji had said in the buildup his aim for the fight was to land a punch on Mayweather, who is widely regarded as the best defensive fighter of all time – and that he did.

Pointing to a shiner on his right cheek, Mayweather added: “I’m glad he landed a good shot. This is a part of fighting, this is a part of the entertainment. These people want to see entertainment and fun and that’s what we both gave them tonight.”

Praised for his durability in the ring by the man himself, Deji revealed he planning to battle but for the referee putting an end to the bout. He said: “It was an early stoppage and I was going to carry on, but boxing is boxing and I understand. I feel good, honestly.”

He added: “This whole experience has been eye-opening – I love boxing. It’s just insane to see where I was in comparison to where I am now.”

Deji, 25, later took to Twitter to say: “I gave Floyd a black eye.”

KSI followed up by tweeting: “Proud of you bro @Deji.”

Buoyed by the experience, the content creator, who has just one win to his name, revealed he has no intention of stopping here – and he called out some pretty big names as potential future competitors. 

“I want to keep fighting, 100%,” he continued. “I wouldn’t mind fighting Justin Bieber, Liam Payne – anyone who wants it really. I want all the smoke.”

Although Jake Paul wasn’t boxing on the night he still managed to make much of the show about him. After goading Tommy Fury during his replacement exhibition bout he was involved in a heated exchange with the professional fighter and his dad, John.

Afterward, Paul made some pretty big claims about both Mayweather and KSI on his Instagram story. 

He said: “Floyd wouldn’t fight unless I left. Shallow ego. And KSI refused to be seated near me. Didn’t see him the whole event. Hide and go seek.”

And while Paul left his duties as co-commentator at the Coca-Cola Arena, it didn’t stop him from resuming his wind-up mission on social media.

After posting a picture of John Fury as Shrek he took aim at Mayweather’s performance by saying: “Vinnie Hacker and Jake Paul finished Deji before Floyd Mayweather did.”

With fresh beef emerging nearly every day, it seems another crop of influencer super fights are only just around the corner.

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