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Larry Wheels Took 22 Days Off Training

Larry Wheels Took 22 Days Off Training

Having returned from an extended vacation, American powerlifting prodigy Larry Wheels got back in the gym after 20 days out of action – and he regretted it.

To ease himself back into proceedings, Larry took on a deadlift session at 50% for 3 sets of 8 reps. And while Larry’s 50% is probably still way more than many of us could manage, it seems like a sensible way to reacquaint yourself with the exercise. 

Fast forward 3 or 4 days and the Ney York City-born powerhouse attempted to replicate the same session he did before he clocked off for his break – 8 sets of lifting a knee-shaking 300kg for 9 reps. 

“The first couple sets felt good,” he said while speaking on his YouTube channel. “But after that, I started feeling a compression in my lower back.”

Larry attributed the pain to the fact his core had been weakened through a lack of training while he was jet-setting. Aside from one low-intensity arm workout, he had fully switched off from the gym – which is well deserved after his last few record-setting months. 

Larry Wheels Took 22 Days Off Training

“In the heat of the moment I had tunnel vision,” he added. “I thought, ‘oh sh*t, I only have a few weeks before the competition, I need to make up for lost time”.

“But in trying to do so, I rushed to an injury.”

The Dubai-based influencer revealed he has since been diagnosed with a small Grade 1 strain in his lower back. Delivering some disappointing news about the Middle East’s Strongest Man competition which is set to take place this month, he added: “In the big picture, in a month or two I will be able to do my 455kg deadlift. But, in the immediate future, I cannot do this competition. 

“I’d be foolish to think with just three weeks of training I’d be able to perform well in the competition.”

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