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Larry wheels

Larry Wheels Reveals How Much Weight Lifting Wraps Help

Former winner of the 2020 Arnold Pro division competition, Larry Wheels has revealed how big of an impact wraps make in lifting ability and progress.

If you recall, Larry Wheels is one of the most impressive bodybuilders of our time, consistently setting impressive lifting records at such a light bodyweight. Even after he suffered a bicep tear, he hasn’t let his recovery slow him down.

In the video where he tests his 1RM, he talks first about reverse bands.

“Reverse band training is really effective about a week or two out from your competition… So once you get down to that weight, whether it’s squat or deadlift with the reverse bands, it really gives you that confidence that okay, I’ve had these on my hands before with reverse bands, so when I get to the competition, it won’t be that different.”

How much do wraps help? 1RM test at 255lb/114kg bodyweight!

He also talks about the impact of wraps. During the test, he was able to bench 510 pounds without wraps, and he believed he’d reached his limit.

With west and elbow wraps, however, he was able to raise that figure to 550 pounds, a 8.7% increase. It may not seem like a lot, but when you’re aiming for PRs or prepping for a competition, it can be everything.

Larry shares insightful lifting vidoes like these on his YouTube channel so be sure to check them out.

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