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Islam Makhachev

Islam Makhachev Prepares For UFC 280 By Arriving In Dubai 40 Days Early

Fighters often come up with an array of excuses in the wake of defeat. But should Islam Makhachev lose his upcoming UFC 280 clash with Charles Oliveira, jetlag certainly won’t be one of them. 

Islam Makhachev believes he’ll smash Charles Oliveira at UFC 280 | DC & RC

Khabib Nurmagomedov recently revealed Makhachev will be in Dubai 40 days ahead of the highly-anticipated bout, instead of preparing at his usual stomping ground – AKA gym in California.

According to Nurmagomedov, Makhachev’s camp will move to the City of Gold well in advance of the fight – which is scheduled for October at the Etihad Arena – as he feels it’s important to acclimatise to the tasking desert conditions. Nurmagomedov insisted this is nothing out of the ordinary for Makhachev, who has been a part of his camp for a couple of outings at Fight Island.

Khabib talks UFC Abu Dhabi “who cares what Charles Oliveira wants?”

Speaking in a recent interview with Mike Finch, the UFC Hall of Famer said: “We’re gonna be in Abu Dhabi. We’re gonna move to Dubai. We’re gonna be there for like, 40 days. We’re gonna be there 40 days before the fight. No jet lag. 

“It’s very important because it’s a desert. It’s a completely different place. I fought there a couple of times, I know how to feel. Islam has always been there with me, we know how to feel. You have to be there before the fight.”

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