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How Fitness Vlogger Olivia Jarvis Lives In Dubai

Get all the inside scoop on how fitness vlogger Olivia Jarvis lives in Dubai, with her weekly vlog series on her YouTube channel.

Olivia shares these hugely enjoyable weekly vlogs with her 173K subscribers where she basically takes you along with her as she goes about her day to day life. 

Sharing everything that she loves about life in Dubai, Olivia packs loads into her week and then manages to cram it all into an entertaining 28 minute video.

So what was life like for Olivia in Dubai? Well, in this one particular week she heads to the beach for parasailing before squeezing in a few hours work, with this jumping from one type of activity to something quite different seeming pretty normal for her.

WEEKLY VLOG LIVING IN DUBAI | 20k Run, salmon salad recipe, pampering shoot day

The week also involved a fair bit of pampering, with a massage and a cupping session, along with a 20k run, and we love Olivia’s honesty about how hard she finds running and how proud she was of herself for getting it done!

She also shares her recipe for a salmon salad (that looks amazing for a simple, healthy lunch), takes us out shopping with her, and shows some clips of her workouts in the gym.

We love seeing behind the scenes with vlogs like these, so really hope Olivia keeps making them so we can keep being nosy and getting the inside deets on her busy daily life! 

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