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Caesars Palace Dubai Qua Spa

Caesars Palace Dubai Qua Spa Is The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

Step into a world of luxurious relaxation at the Qua Spa. Part of Caesars Palace Dubai, the award-winning Qua Spa offers a range of treatments to leave you feeling pampered from head to toe.

Located on the lavish Bluewaters Island, Caesars Palace brings all the glitz and glamour of Vegas to Dubai.  Along with the Qua Spa, you can find epic dining experiences, dazzling entertainment, and indulgent amenities. All are provided with Caesars’ legendary service, with each and every guest being made to feel like royalty.

Caesars Palace Dubai Qua Spa

And at the Qua Spa, you can really experience all the luxury that Caesars’ has to offer. As soon as you walk through the door you’re taken on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation, thanks to the unique combination of Japanese technologies and luxurious spa treatments.

One of the best ways to enjoy this award-winning wellness concept (brought over from Las Vegas) is with one of Qua Spa’s signature experiences.

With the Detox Dome experience, you get the perfect combination of revolutionary Japanese technology with a session in the lyashidome and traditional Chinese ingredients used in a more hands-on way with exfoliation, a body mask, and a drainage detox massage.

What Is Iyashi Dome?

It’s a dome that you lie under that uses state-of-the-art infrared rays to cleanse the body and restore its balance. The technology was inspired by ‘Suna Ryoho’ – a traditional Japanese practice of burying yourself in the sand near hot springs on the beach.  This practice is so popular because it eliminates toxins, and the lyashidome spa treatment that was developed from it burns up to 600 calories a session.

If detoxing isn’t quite your thing, then you might want to go for the Imperial Dream experience instead. This experience is all about luxury and is the epitome of the glitzy Vegas lifestyle.

Caesars Palace Dubai Qua Spa

It includes a 24-carat gold full body massage and a 24-carat gold facial.  This opulent treatment combines the rejuvenating qualities of gold with the exquisite scents of geranium, mandarin and cardamom, leaving you with a beautiful radiant glow.

Along with their signature experiences, the Qua Spa also offers a range of different massages. For sheer relaxation, there’s the Qua Spa Five Elements massage which uses customised essential oil infusions to leave you feeling totally pampered. 

If you’ve been taking advantage of the gym facilities at Caesars Palace you might want to try the Muscle Melt massage instead. This is a deep-tissue massage that uses elbows and knuckles to work on tight, tense muscles and is perfect after a hard workout session.

The Spa also offers a Shiatsu Fusion massage and a Swedish massage, so whatever mood you’re in you’ll find the perfect massage on the menu. And it doesn’t stop there.

At Qua Spa, you can also find facial treatments, body exfoliation, and body masks, as well as a range of treatments designed specifically for pregnant women.

Whatever treatment you decide to indulge in, you’ll walk away from the Qua Spa feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and completely taken care of by the attentive and thoughtful staff.

Caesars Palace Dubai

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