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Andrew Tate Reveals His True Net Worth

Andrew Tate Reveals His True Net Worth

It only takes a few seconds and a couple of taps on Google to find out how much a celebrity or influencer is worth – or so we thought. 

Controversial former kickboxer and so-called king of toxic masculinity Andrew Tate has revealed his estimated net worth is wildly wide of the mark. 

Tate, who has a fleet of supercars and is often seen spending large in Dubai, was recently reinstated to Twitter by freedom of speech champion Elon Musk after he was banned for his inflammatory views on women – among other things.

He has since used his new-found social media liberation to set the record straight on his true weight in gold.

He posted a picture of his estimated net worth, £355m, on Google, and said: “For my birthday can someone get this fixed I’m tired of the world thinking I’m a brokie.” 

The self-proclaimed Top G followed up by adding: “Double it.”

He has since taken the tweet down, but with the release of his new platform The Real World, that figure may rapidly grow even larger.

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